How Do You Choose an HR Outsourcing Company?

How Do You Choose an HR Outsourcing Company

A PEO partnership is not something you want to rush into. By joining forces with a PEO, or professional employer organization, you are entering into a co-employment arrangement, so you want to make sure the PEO in question is a good fit for your company before getting involved. As with any kind of relationship, it’s a good idea to meet face to face with those whom you’ll be working with. This gives you a prime opportunity to share specific details about your business that may not be common in your industry and offers you a chance to ask the HR outsourcing company you’re considering about the types of businesses they’ve worked within the past. Do they mostly deal with larger companies? Can they offer your small or medium-sized company the same services and level of attention that they would offer a bigger company?

You should also ask the PEO for references. Any reputable HR outsourcing company should have a list of clients and professional references that they can provide that will confirm and corroborate their client history and their specific areas of expertise. As far as accreditation goes, check to see that the PEO is a member of an industry trade organization such as NAPEO – the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations. This will ensure that they have a good track record and a documented history of operating in accordance with industry regulations.

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