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Risk Management Tampa FLWhile no business is entirely without risk, proper risk management can dramatically reduce the risks most commonly associated with your unique business. In the business world, risk refers to any event or circumstance that can prevent your company from achieving its goals or objectives. Business risk can come from a number of places, such as uncertainty in the financial markets, government regulations, strategic management errors, input costs, legal liabilities, theft, accidents, natural disasters, and more. Mitigating potential risk is not only vital to creating and maintaining a safe and supportive work environment for your employees, but it can also help you avoid significant costs in terms of lost time, lost productivity, and potential lawsuits.

JanusHR is well-versed in risk management standards across a variety of industries. Based in Tampa and serving small and medium-sized businesses throughout Florida and beyond, JanusHR employs claims management and loss prevention experts who can advise you on how to apply your business’s resources to reduce risk as much as possible. By identifying, evaluating, and prioritizing potential risks that your unique business faces, we can help you not only minimize potential risk, but also maximize opportunities to grow your business.

Identifying Your Potential Risk

Some of the most significant risks facing small and medium-sized businesses today are compliance risk, personal risk, and strategic risk. While the likelihood of such risks varies across different industries, a thorough understanding of the specific risks that your business faces is vital to its ability to achieve established goals and continue to grow. The risk management specialists at JanusHR can help you identify and address potential risks related to:

OSHA Compliance & Assistance

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration, more commonly known as OSHA, is a government agency that works to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for employees. OSHA requirements can vary greatly from industry to industry, and while employers in many industries are exempt from certain OSHA record keeping, they may still be required to maintain basic injury and illness records, such as OSHA Form 300, 300A, and 301 logs. JanusHR can help your business dramatically reduce compliance risk by keeping track of all the OSHA regulations you must be in compliance with, and we will make sure you are well-informed by answering any questions you or your employees may have.

Workers’ Compensation

Personal risk generally falls in line with workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is a specific type of insurance that provides wage replacement and medical benefits to an employee who has been injured on the job or in the workplace, in exchange for that employee relinquishing the right to sue their employer on grounds of negligence. In the unfortunate event that one or more of your employees sustain a work-related injury, JanusHR can assist with investigating, managing, and resolving the onsite injury claims. In addition, our risk management experts can work with you to develop and implement loss-prevention measures and return-to-work programs.

Business Coaching

As its name suggests, strategic risk refers to the risk associated with a company’s business strategy. Managing strategic risk involves examining a company’s business plan and determining the likelihood that a business will achieve its established goals and objectives. With more than 20 years of industry experience, our strategic risk management specialists can provide valuable business coaching and help your company develop and implement a measurable roadmap for success.

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