Loss Prevention Services for Restaurants & Hotels in the Greater Tampa Bay Area

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For dedicated loss prevention services for your restaurant or hotel in the greater Tampa Bay Area, turn to JanusHR. We are a professional employee organization (PEO) that specializes in providing outsourced HR services to all types of businesses in Tampa, Sarasota, and other nearby communities in Florida. We can provide your hotel or restaurant with a best-in-class loss prevention program to help reduce the frequency and costs associated with workers’ compensation claims.

Why Your Hotel or Restaurant Needs Loss Prevention

Every business relies on loss prevention to help ensure they’re able to maximize profits and keep their people safe. For restaurants, hotels, and related businesses, this is especially important, as you need to ensure the safety of your building, employees, and guests at all times. However, many hotel and restaurant owners are unsure of how to accomplish this – and they’re typically busy with the core functions of the business as well. The solution? Outsource your loss prevention needs to JanusHR.

Our SPHR-certified professionals are well-versed in everything related to creating a working loss prevention program for your hotel or restaurant. From identifying and addressing potential hazards in the work environment to managing workers’ compensation claims, JanusHR helps prevent loss so that your business and employees can grow and thrive.

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If you’d like to learn more about our loss prevention services and other HR services we can provide, contact JanusHR today. We proudly serve restaurants and hotels in Tampa, Sarasota, and all nearby communities.

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