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Every business venture comes with risks — it’s a simple fact of the business world. However, the key to being successful despite that fact is learning how to identify, manage, and, with any luck, sidestep that potential risk before it affects one of your employees, your bottom line, or both. JanusHR is a trusted professional employer organization (PEO) serving small and medium-sized businesses throughout Clearwater, Florida, and surrounding areas. We provide comprehensive risk management services that can help you effectively minimize risk by maximizing safety conditions for your workers and making the best investments for your company’s future.

Understanding the Risk Your Company Faces

Some of the most common types of risk that small and medium-sized businesses face nowadays are compliance risk, personal risk, and strategic risk.

Compliance risk refers to the exposure to legal penalties and financial forfeiture that a company faces when they fail to comply with industry regulations. Perhaps the most well-known workplace regulations are those established by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). Because OSHA requirements can vary quite greatly across different industries and entail a specific type of record keeping, regardless of exemption status, many business owners find it incredibly helpful to delegate management of this compliance risk to a third party, such as JanusHR.

Personal risk refers to the likelihood that one of your employees will be injured on the job. While personal risk tends to be higher in certain hard-labor industries, such as construction, there are hazards in every workplace, so it’s important to have a well-established plan in place should an accident occur. JanusHR can help in such cases by investigating, managing, and resolving the onsite injury claims. What’s more, we can work with your company to develop and implement loss-prevention measures, return-to-work programs, and more.

Strategic risk refers to a company’s business strategy and how likely the moves they make are to result in gains or losses. Effectively managing your company’s strategic risk involves having a solid business plan in place, understanding the landscape of your industry, knowing the level of competition, and being able to identify new opportunities. With decades of risk management experience across a variety of industries, our specialists can make sure your company is on the fast track to success.

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