Offering Training Services for Your New Employees

Hiring new employees can be exciting, however, it can also require a significant amount of time to implement. Onboarding and training a new employee can be difficult while you are simultaneously juggling your normal day-to-day tasks. At JanusHR, our HR services provide the perfect solution. As a professional employer organization (PEO) we offer onboarding and training services that can help you get your new employees up to speed more efficiently.

Why Turn to JanusHR for Training Services

For small- to medium-sized businesses, outsourcing HR and related administrative needs to a PEO is a smart choice. It gives you peace of mind knowing your HR requirements are being handled by knowledgeable professionals, which allows you to focus on the core functions of your business. It also ensures your new hires feel attended to as you try to relinquish time from your busy schedule for their onboarding needs.

With our onboarding and training services, your new employees can complete their new hire paperwork and receive the information they need to start being productive. We can provide outsourced training sessions, videos, and more to help your new hires become familiar with the company, its policies, and the work they will be doing. When you choose JanusHR for your new employee training needs, we will utilize this critical period in the employee lifecycle to ensure your employee is productive as quickly as possible.

Providing Comprehensive HR Services

In addition to assistance with onboarding and training new employees, JanusHR offers a broad range of PEO services to help with all your HR needs. Whether you need help with policies and regulations or you are  looking for an HR expert that can establish a custom employee handbook, JanusHR offers the services you need to ensure your HR requirements are taken care of.

Contact JanusHR today to learn more about the training services we offer for new employees as well as our many other PEO services. We proudly serve small- and medium-sized businesses throughout the greater Tampa Bay area.

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