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Human capital is an industry term for the collective set of skills, knowledge, experience, and personal attributes that a company’s employees bring to the table. So, it follows that human capital management concerns a comprehensive set of practices for helping that company optimize these attributes. Such practices include recruitment, management, and optimization of the workforce, all with the aim of maximizing the company’s profit margins, boosting employee morale, and giving employees ample opportunities to continue growing within the company. As a full-spectrum professional employer organization (PEO) serving small and medium-sized businesses in Clearwater, Florida, JanusHR has the knowledge and industry expertise to help you make the most of your company’s human capital.

Acquiring, Integrating & Optimizing New Employees

As companies grow, they must acquire new employees. However, rather than simply hire on a first-come, first-serve basis, it’s important for companies to identify what they really need in terms of new employees — do they need more left-brain thinkers? Or, perhaps someone more creative who can help the company look at things differently? While conducting interviews and reviewing resumes are still indispensable parts of the employee acquisition process, our human capital management services can help you identify the best potential candidates for the positions that you’re trying to fill.

Of course, once you acquire the candidates with the most potential, you’ll want to make sure that their potential is fully realized as quickly as possible. Another major component of human capital management concerns the integration of your new hires into your existing workforce. This primarily occurs through training but can also include determining how to best apply a new hire’s unique skillset to your existing workflow processes. What’s more, by analyzing data about your company’s recruitment, training, and employee development processes, our human capital management experts can help ensure that your workforce is functioning as optimally as possible.

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