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Risk is a natural part of any business. But, proper risk management can reduce your exposure to risk from everything from the financial markets to internal theft. JanusHR is a Tampa-based, licensed PEO that can take on your risk management for your small to mid-sized business in Palm Harbor, FL. We can identify, evaluate, and prioritize potential risks to your unique business. Then, we’ll develop a plan to minimize your exposure to those risks so you can continue to grow your business safely.

Finding Your Potential Risk

The first step in risk management is identifying the most significant risks. This can vary depending on the type or size of the business you manage. The most common risks that small and mid-sized businesses face are compliance risk, personal risk, and strategic risk. Our risk management specialists can help you identify the top priorities for your business. Some of the potential risks we can help with include:

  • OSHA compliance and assistance – JanusHR keeps track of all OSHA regulations for your industry to help keep you in compliance at all times.
  • Workers’ compensation – From investigating claims to loss-prevention measures and return-to-work programs, we can help you navigate the delicate issues of workers’ compensation.
  • Business coaching – Let’s look at your business plan and see if we can identify any potential obstacles. Our 20 years of industry experience can help you create a measurable roadmap for success

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