W-2 Filing & Related Payroll Services for Businesses in Tampa, FL

If you need W-2 filing and related payroll services for your business in the Tampa, FL, area, the company to turn to is JanusHR. We are a professional employer organization (PEO) that handles a comprehensive range of HR and payroll services for small businesses throughout the region. You can count on us to handle your W-2 printing and distribution needs to ensure all of your employees have accurate W-2s delivered to them on time.

Why Outsource Your W-2 Filing Needs

A W-2 is a document that employees receive documenting the total amount they earned in wages and the total amount of taxes withheld. Employees are then responsible for filing their taxes. Similarly, businesses have their own requirements. One of those requirements is compiling all of the W-2 information, ensuring its accuracy, printing the document, and sending it to the employee. This process is also time-sensitive, as W-2s must be sent out by January 31st with the previous year’s tax and earnings information.

W-2 filing and year-end processing is an additional process to handle each year, and it doesn’t mean the rest of your business will slow down to give you the time you need to handle it. That’s where JanusHR can help. Our team of payroll professionals can provide you with complete payroll services, taking that time-consuming yet essential task off your plate. As part of our payroll services, we can handle the process of W-2 printing and distribution so that your employees will be able to file accurately and on time.

If you’d like more information on W-2 filing and our related payroll services, contact JanusHR today. We are pleased to be the local PEO you can turn to in the greater Tampa Bay, FL, area.

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