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Every business faces some kind of risk, be it financial, strategic, regulatory, or personal. In the business world, risk refers to anything that has the potential to negatively impact your business, whether it’s a natural disaster that destroys your primary factory, a lawsuit that tarnishes your reputation, or one of your employees getting injured on the job. As a leading professional employer organization (PEO) serving the St. Petersburg, Florida, area, JanusHR has risk management specialists that can help you identify, assess, and control potential risks to your business.

Different Types of Risk

Some of the most common types of risk that small and medium-sized businesses face nowadays are compliance risk, personal risk, and strategic risk.

Strategic Risk

Strategic risk concerns a company’s business strategy, and how likely the moves it makes will result in a gain or a loss. Effectively managing strategic risk entails having a clear-cut business plan in place, understanding your industry’s landscape, knowing the level of competition, and being able to quickly identify new opportunities for growth. Our risk management specialists have decades of experience across many verticals and can make sure your company has a solid business strategy.

Compliance Risk

Compliance risk concerns the exposure to legal penalties that a business faces when it fails to comply with industry regulations. Some of the most well-known workplace regulations are those set forth by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). Because OSHA requirements and other workplace regulations vary from industry to industry, many business owners find it helpful to entrust compliance risk assessment to knowledgeable risk management professionals like those at JanusHR.  

Personal Risk

Personal risk concerns workplace injuries, worker’s compensation, and employee theft. Personal risk tends to be much higher in hard-labor industries, such as construction, but every business that has employees faces some personal risk, so it’s crucial to have an established plan in place should an incident occur. JanusHR can help combat personal risk by investigating, managing, and resolving onsite injury claims, and we can also work with your business to implement return-to-work and loss-prevention programs.

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