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No matter what kind of business you run or how big it is, your employees expect to get paid. Not only that, they need to be paid on time, every time, with all of the necessary taxes and benefits handled appropriately. Nothing makes a business look bad faster than payroll confusion. You got into your business because you believe in the product or service you offer, not to do the books. JanusHR is a PEO Services company offering HR and payroll services to small to mid-sized businesses like yours in Brandon, Florida.

Payroll Services We Offer

Your payroll is an essential part of your business. It needs to be correctly completed and documented. This helps to keep your employees happy as well as mitigate potential risks. We have an experienced team that can help find the best solution for your payroll needs beyond just handling payday. Some of the payroll services we offer include:

Tax Reporting

JanusHR can help your business by ensuring that all local, state, and federal taxes are collected, reported, and deposited through the proper channels. We make sure this is always done within the correct timeframe. Using our services to handle your tax reporting accurately can give you peace of mind and reduce your company’s liability.

W-2 Reporting

Speaking of taxes, every company needs to send out those W-2 forms to their employees by January 31st (or the following business day). This is another important administrative task we can take off your plate.

Customized Reports

We provide customized reports that can show you exactly how your payroll expenses break down. This allows you to view the relevant data in an easy-to-read format. We can even customize these reports to the specific needs and goals of your business.

Job Costing

It’s essential to keep track of job-specific costs, whether it’s a construction project or a marketing video shoot. No matter how complex your job-costing needs may be, JanusHR can make sense of it and help you understand your cost to revenue comparisons.

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