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If you own a business in the Sarasota, Florida, area, chances are you’ve heard of PEOs. However, you might not know exactly what a PEO is or how one can help your business operate more efficiently. A PEO, or professional employer organization, is a company that you can partner with to outsource many essential yet often-daunting functions of your business operations. Things like payroll processing, talent acquisition, human capital management, disciplinary action, benefits administration – components of today’s business world that are extremely important but of which you may not have extensive knowledge. JanusHR is a full-service PEO serving small and medium-sized businesses throughout Florida and beyond, and we can lessen the human resources burden of your company by taking care of:

Payroll Processing

With JanusHR, you can be confident that your payroll will always be processed accurately and on time. We offer an easy-to-use online program to give you convenient access to data regarding federal, state, and local tax reporting; job costing; W-2 filing and other customized reports.

Human Resources

Our team consists of SPHR-certified professionals who can provide valuable workplace materials such as customized employee handbooks, employment forms, and posters. They can also provide administrative support for new hires; assist with interviewing, hiring, and disciplinary processes; and ensure federal, state, and local compliance on all matters related to your business.

Workers’ Compensation & Risk Management

No matter what business you’re in, ensuring a safe workplace should be a primary concern. We provide risk management services that can help you identify potential pitfalls unique to your industry, and handle other aspects of workplace safety such as OSHA compliance, claims investigation, return-to-work programs, and more.

Benefits Administration

Nowadays, offering better benefits is a great way to attract and retain better employees. Partnering with a PEO gives your business access to more robust employee benefits packages that would otherwise be reserved for employees of larger corporations, including life insurance, ancillary coverage plans like dental and vision, and 401k retirement plans to help your employees plan for the future.

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